10 reasons to try a Vegan Pizza

The Pizza Room series on healthy eating

It might seem controversial to talk about weight loss while eating pizza. We want to challenge the common belief and prove it that The Pizza Room’s products are nutrient and balanced. We are committed to the highest standards, best behaviours and community welfare. 

10 Reasons to try Vegan Pizza

Is a pizza without cheese even a pizza? Well, yes indeed! Let me explain to you why:

1. It is delicious

A cheese-less pizza is exceptionally tasty. The cheese adds richness to the bite but makes it milder (as milk does). Remove the mozzarella and you will have a full blow of tomato exploding in your mouth. Add the right toppings, and BANG!

2. It is satisfying

Yes, a pizza without cheese fills your tummy as well as any other pizza! you will not be left starving. Quite the contrary: you will feel less bloated and more satisfied!

3. It is low calorie (no cheese!)

Most of the calories in the pizza come from the fat of the cheese. Remove that, and off you go with those guilty feelings!

4. It is compassionate

Nothing is more animal-friendly than this. Many vegan people do it out of compassion for animals (either killed or exploited). and karma always pays it back!

5. It is challenging

Eating vegan challenges you to think about food alternatives and to think about what is your impact in the world. Whatever your line of thoughts, it is good to challenge yourself!

6. It is interesting 

Whenever a vegan is in the room, a discussion starts and minds open. It is always positive to have diversity and inclusion as this improves our community and brings lots of value! It is good to have something to talk about when you eat pizza!

7. It is hardcore

It requires a lot of hard work to be vegan. For Italians, for example, implies a complete change of lifestyle. It means having to compromise a lot. It means to give up on Sunday roast. Luckily, you don’t have to give up pizza any more!

8. It is not for everyone

It requires will power, determination and positive attitude. Definitely not easy to get a set of skills! We make it easy for you, as our vegan pizza is a no brainer, simply delicious.

9. It is only for the brave

Have you tried to tell your grandma that you will not eat her lasagne? Well, some wouldn’t even dare! so well done for facing families and friends and having to justify yourselves with every passer-by that does not share your values!

10. It is happy

Vegan food is just happy! full of colours, positive vibes, vitamins and nutrients, and makes you feel good, that after all, is everybody’s goal in life.