10 ways to improve customer service

Customer service apply

1. Give authentic smiles

It is free to smile and it can change a person’s day. You are likely to get one back too! so your life will be better.

2. Support who struggles

Some people are caught in the ‘paradox of choice’ and they get frustrated in front of a vast range of products to choose from. A good customer service understands this struggle and comes in to help by asking simple questions and directing them to the best option. for example…

3. Be competent

Talking to competent people removes a lot of stress from the customer.  for good customer service, it is essential that staff are trained and they are able to assist and find clever solutions. For example, when a person asks ‘is this lactose-free’ and the waiter answers ‘I don’t know’ the impression is not as if they’d said ‘no, this isn’t but I have these other options available’.

4. Be vigilant

Good customer service is able to spot a person in need even if is at the back of the cue.

5. Be polite

Greet people when they come in and when they go away is a sign of politeness and makes the customers feel how much we appreciate them and that they are not invisible to us.

6. Be caring with customers

Show that you really care. understand the customer really need and try and find a solution to their problem, not just try to sell something. A person might just want to have a chat because has been lonely all day, and might not buy anything today. But that same person will talk about you with the other 10 people and your values will spread in the community.

7. Be caring with colleagues (be a team player).

8. Be caring with the suppliers.

9. Be caring with the place (keep it clean, treat it well).

10. Be caring with the world (ecology, no waste, homeless, too good to go, etc).

11. Listen.