15 reasons why remove salt will make you lose weight

The Pizza Room series on healthy eating

It might seem controversial to talk about weight loss while eating pizza. We want to challenge the common belief and prove it that The Pizza Room’s products are nutrient and balanced. We are committed to the highest standards, best behaviours and community welfare. 

15 reasons why remove salt is good for weight loss

1. Portion control

Salt makes food tasty and yummy. Removing the salt, food tastes changes, and makes it not tempting, resulting in eating lower amounts or making second helpings less desirable.

2. Water retention 

Salt creates water retention. Without it, it is easier to drain liquids and lose weight, removing the sense of bloating.

3. Compulsive eating

When food is tasty is easy to lose control and guzzle it down. An unsalted meal tends to be eaten more carefully, and therefore more slowly. Eating slowly helps to get a sense of satiety in time to stop overeating.

4. Awareness

Salt covers food flavour. Eating without salt allows to focus on food’s real flavour and reeducates our taste buds. It takes only 6 weeks to get used to the new salt-free diet and be able to fully appreciate the plethora of flavours available in nature.

5. Food cravings

A person that has a high salt consumption is likely to be caught abruptly by the desire for tasty food, which often is junk, unhealthy food. Cutting down on salt will help reduce unwanted food cravings.

6. Sugary drinks craving

Salt increased thirst. That is fine if is managed by drinking water. Not so fine if this triggers more soda/juices intake. For some, giving up the habit of a soft drink is harder than giving up salt. This might help solve the problem.

7. Alcohol craving

Salty and spicy food trigger the need for drinks. If this happens to a beer lover, or in a cocktail bar, it leads inevitably to want to drink more alcohol. As alcohol has loads of calories, reducing salt might help to keep that away. Without mentioning all the usual alcohol-related issues!

“Since its inception, The Pizza Room has reduced the salt added to every recipe a few times. Following this article, we have committed to reducing the salt in our pizza dough and in our secret recipe tomato sauce by 10%. Salt on the tables is offered only on request. Salads are mostly served without dressing so each individual can make their own choice.”

8. Salt craving

When the taste buds are accustomed to eating salty food, they will become more dull to it, and therefore will require even more salt to be pleased, up to a point where the consumption of salt becomes massive. It will take only 6 weeks to educate the taste buds to lower intake, making them able to appreciate a wider range of flavours and spices.

9. Money-saving

Reducing the amount of salt can save a good deal of money. Fewer drinks at the pub, fewer restaurants dining, less fast food visits.

10. Creativity boost

Without salt, it becomes essential to find flavouring alternatives. It helps open up to new seasonings and spices, new cultures and cooking methods, which ultimately is a fab gym for the brain, challenges people out of their comfort zone and increases diversity.

11. Sleeping problem

Salt generate thirst, that is satisfied with drinks. More drinks lead to more trips to the toilet. When this happens at night, the quality of sleep falls. Cutting on salt consumption reduces the risk of dehydration and the trips to the toilet, allowing for better nighttime quality, deeper, undisturbed sleep, better mood, relaxed spirit and energized body, ready to fight against any food temptation!

12. Premature Ageing

The research found out that salt is linked to cellular ageing. A reduced intake of salt can help to reduce the ageing of skin, hair, and nails.

13. Headaches

Another study shows that more salt is associated with more headaches. Researchers couldn’t identify why, maybe it is associated with the blood vessels that need to expand for the extra volume that sodium creates, therefore giving the pain.

14. Sense of well being

Salt can trigger toxins to become active and this will make a person feel tired and unhappy. Less salt will improve the general well-being mood, releasing positive hormones, as the newly trained taste buds will send happy emotions to the brain creating a sense of satisfaction.

15. Everything else, that you can easily find online

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