New Year, New Me!

2020 has begun with my usual weight loss statement.

But it is not going to end up as always (me not losing much at all but gaining a few kilos instead). Not at all! I will do whatever it takes, I will spend time and money, I simply will.
Therefore I am challenging myself and making it public!
Every week I will post a note on my journey and I will share success and challenges so you can support me. Please do support me! Write me some suggestions, advice, and recommendations but most of all just encourage me.
Please do not get frustrated if I chose not to follow some of your ideas, I am human after all, and I have a mind of my own, a particularly hard one!
My weight is 83.3kg. I am 165cm tall. (Sorry for not using imperial measure, I am not familiar with them.)
I am stressed, overly busy and tired. I have scarce will power about food. I love cooking and cook well. I eat extremely large portions.
From today I will work on me and will try to identify the reasons why I struggle with food. Then I will implement strategies to overcome them.
For the month of January, I must shed 2kg and reach at least 81.3kg. 

  • Be able to organize myself and my family around the new food lifestyle so that I have no excuses. 
  • Christmas dinner with friends on the 11th.
  • Family gathering the 15th (Rejoice, a new baby girl is just born!).
  • Business trip to Italy for a conference from the 17th to the 20th (incl social dinners).

Let’s start with Salt.
I will need to overcome the following challenges:
How will I tackle them? Whatever the weather, I will find a solution!