The Pizza Room Quality: The Dough

There are unlimited types and variations of pizza dough around the world. We will not say that we have the best pizza in the world. We won’t say that our quality is better. We will say that we crafted and engineered our pizza to become what we wanted it to be: fragrant, light, digestible and sustainable.

Q: The best pizza is the Neapolitan style.
A: False. The best pizza must make you happy, satisfy you and do not cause acidity or bloating. The Pizza Room has developed a mix of flours, temperatures, times and secret ingredients so that the dough is highly digestible, fragrant and keep well in time

Q: A good pizza can be made in a few hours
A: False. It takes several proving hours for the gluten to ferment. If this is not done in the shop, it will happen in your stomach. You can test this yourself: If during the night you wake up desperate for water, that is very likely to be the yeast action. With The Pizza Room dough, you will feel light and sleep tight.

Q: You must eat your pizza immediately until is hot.
A: False. Unless your pizza is cooked briefly and not properly. In that case, it will probably become chewy as soon as it cools down and therefore not very pleasant. The Pizza Room dough has been developed to keep it’s fragrance and crispiness even a long delivery journey. We have created it so that when re-heated, the proteins will reshape and return to the original splendour… even after a few days or after freezing. This goes along our zero food waste policy!

Q: You must eat the centre first and leave the crust behind
A: True. But only if the crusts are neglectable and chewy. The Pizza Room crusts are so yummy and delicious that you can take them home and enjoy with dips the next day. You can cut them in bits with scissors and scatter them in a pan to use as croutons in a soup. You can snack on them instead of popcorns while watching tv… Zero Food Waste, for real!