COVID-19 and Delivery: what people want

the pizza room london coronavirus survey q1

Thank you. It means a lot.

I am grateful to each of you for answering and for reading our emails. The support you are showing and the love and care for the community are heartwarming. There is no right or wrong, as long as is done in good faith and with good intentions. 

Everybody has different reasons and opinions. We care for them and we know we will not be able to please everybody. We will try thou!

75.86% voted for us to stay open. 

the pizza room london coronavirus survey q2

Why yes

Clearly most of you cook, I am glad of that! We will stay open to relieve the pain of the lockdown and to support the extremely vulnerable as much as we can! 

the pizza room london coronavirus survey q3

Why not

The biggest worry is that we do things properly both for staff and the public. We have already implemented strict procedures and follow the government guidelines promptly and dutifully.

Please take a minute to read all the comments from your local neighbours. I have added my replies to each, and explained everything we have done so far! 

Comments & Answers

C: Please stay open!
A: We will!

C: Don’t close
A: We won’t!

C: The most important factor is the ability to avoid infection. If you can run the kitchen really really cleanly (even more cleanly than normal), so the risk of transmitting to your customers is very low even if one of your team has the virus but has no symptoms. I think local people will appreciate being able to order great pizza, so I’d suggest staying open if the risk of infection is low. You will need to be able to keep kitchen staff separated from each other, but if you only have two or three people in the kitchen that feels like it might work ok. Finally, it depends on demand…if not enough people want the pizza then shut!
A: Agreed. We are on top of the hygiene standards and the pizzas are baked at 400degrees. Staff are monitored daily and nobody can work with symptoms. We have given instruction to keep at good distance from the public and even from each other. So far the demand has been really strong, and that is encouraging.

C: I think you should stay open but take precautions around your staff. A little ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak period!
A: Agreed!

C: Please stay open. We will order pizza from you.
A: Thank you!

C: Should close, take some time off during this time
A: Thanks for the advise, we are planning staff holidays carefully so that all can have a rest. We are also giving extra holidays to help recharge.

C: Should keep your shop close to save lives.
A: Thanks for your answer. We are following the government instructions carefully. Similarly to supermarkets, we are open to provide take-away food to the community. We have implemented social distancing from Friday night.

C: Such a difficult decision for you to make. If you stay open then you need to be very vocal about the need for social distancing and very clear on what measures you are taking to protect your staff. The Coffee Room was one of the first places I saw taking proper precautions with the number of people going in and out and I commend you on that.
A: I appreciate your empathy. It is hard indeed. We have immediately implemented several precautions at The Coffee Room, for the safety of staff and public. We received unbelievable support from the whole community and we will be back soon with a pop-up sale of cakes (on-demand and delivered!). On a daily basis, the business was not viable, and I would have put the income of the staff at risk. We have closed for them. The Pizza Room instead has a steady income and works well with the delivery.

C: Staff should make the decision on their own risks – the power should be in their hands. You can help protect them by taking precautions and providing protection equipment to reduce risk
A: Agreed. We have immediately informed the staff that they are free to stay home if they feel unsafe. We take their health very seriously. We have sent out the same questionnaire to the staff, to which 81% responded to stay open. We also provided all the protection required for social distancing. If more is needed, we will implement immediately.

C: Other delivery services are still running. If you keep staff on a rota, only carry out hands free delivery and ask people. To pay over the phone or by card only.
A: Agreed. We have immediately informed the staff that they are free to stay home if they feel unsafe. We take their health very seriously. We have sent out the same questionnaire to the staff, to which 81% responded to stay open. We also provided all the protection required for social distancing. If more is needed, we will implement immediately.

C: If your staff are fit and healthy can can recover from the virus ? then they should work for their security and feeding the local community some of which may be vulnerable. But if they start feeling symptoms they should self isolate to stop spreading the disease. We love your pizzas and will be ordering soon! ?
A: Agreed. We have identified some priorities in terms of staff/community safety and should we need to furlough personnel, we will start from the ones that are more vulnerable or have a particular family situation, so they will be protected. Most of our staff are young and fit and do not live with elderly

C: I think for the safety of your staff and the wider community you should close.
A: Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking hard about it. For the same reason, supermarket clerks should not work, as people can shop online. But instead, I have invested in communication with the staff and training on how to keep safe. If they know how to protect, and about not touching their face with dirty hands, and social distance, then they should safe, in line with the government guidelines

C: Delivery and takeaway only would be a good compromise, with reduced hours
A: That is exactly what we are doing!

C: If it’s possible for you to stay open respecting stringent rules to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy, only take away it would help the comunity (providing food) and all those people that working for you need to earn an income.
A: Spot on, that is the situation

C: As long as you are happy to be open and you and your employees weigh up the risks, it help to know that our community is coming together and is operating as normally as possible. My husband and I are still getting out on the mornings and supporting our local shops (coffee, fresh grocery items, etc.). We believe that getting out and supporting the community is worth the rusk. It also keeps us mentally healthy. FYI – we’re planning a pizza treat on Friday night should you choose to stay open. Warmest wishes to you and your staff whatever you choose to do. xx
A: Thank you! Yes, we are doing all that! And mental health is a top priority for me personally, as from a healthy mind comes a healthy body! (I developed ITP from stress and TMJ from stress and posture!)

C: I think In this crazy time we all need to do our bit and stay at home to ensure the virus isn’t spread. Although you offer amazing pizzas it’s not an essential service and could be doing a lot more harm than good.
A: Thanks for your view. For some, pizza (and another takeaway) are not a trivial request. Is a lifestyle, a necessity. We have hundreds of NHS staff that order pizza after an exhausting shift. Many police officers grab a bite while working. Is much more than just a treat. Please consider that for some, we are their only daily meal.

C: I think that as long as you are being sensible and following guidelines, which you are, then it would be fantastic if you kept a delivery service open. A lot of people cannot cook or struggle to find ingredients to make meals because of others panic buying and would benefit from a takeaway service.
A: Thanks for your support, we will sure do!

C: You should try to stay open maybe only for shorter time, to support those who work for you, unless they could benefit from government support in which case you should close temporarily
A: We are able to support staff income. In some shops, we had to reduce opening times. We are adapting super fast. In the 2 shops, we even employed more staff, to start our own delivery service. We don’t know yet how the furlough support works, but we can afford to pay the staff. We won’t weight on the government resources, that is already so heavily burned, and can be used for something more useful, as equipment for the sick and protection for the staff.

C: Better to keep open and continue to make contactless deliveries. Food supply is paramount right now.
A: Thanks we will do!

C: I actually live in Beckenham but one of my best friends lives down the road from you and every time i visit (not that i can now), i come in for coffee and a treat next door. People are always lovely and it feels like a strong community and now, more than ever, we need strong communities where people care for one another. Thanks for reaching out.
A: Thank you, we love your comment!

C: I think you are doing a great job for the community. Maybe you could also advertise through the small grocery shops along Mile End road and Burdett Road that you are open. This will help ensure people are aware. This could be a long lockdown for people and I believe a simple thing like Pizza could brighten people’s day and help with their mental health.
A: That’s the spirit exactly. That’s what we do!

C: If you are following all safety procedures, your staff are wearing masks and washing hands regularly and there is minimal people in the kitchen etc then stay open if it means people are kept employed, but there should be reduced staff and contact at one time. I will keep buying to support local businesses but understand the predicament you are in. Sending lots of wishes your way for whatever you choose to do. No one knows what’s right or wrong really
A: Thanks!! Indeed we only want to do what is good, and the best we can. About the masks, we have a few issues: first of all, Boris never mentioned them and the government has actually said that they are no use at all. So we are a bit puzzled. Secondly, there is no mask to be purchased! We have bought some ‘dust masks’ but I’d rather not use them, as they might give the staff the impression to be safe, while instead, they are not!!

C: I think your personal feelings are humbling to read – a lot of my thoughts aren’t really recognised in the questions. I think at a time like this businesses like yours can add so much more to the community, yes it’s food but it’s a reminder of the strong independent community we have and are proud off.
A: Thank you!! I’d love to read more about your thoughts as it might open more perspective to me. I am always open to learning and a curious person!

C: Whilst I do think there is a risk of spreading the virus etc, it would be great if you stayed open for deliveries only, while closing for eating in and even in person takeaways (as people shouldn’t be leaving the house to visit the shop)
A: We did close for eat-in immediately. It was hard the first days as people would still refuse to social distance. It was also hard as people eating together were actually part of the same household, but how could other’s know? On one side we must believe in the freedom of will, that people must face the consequences of their actions. On the other side, we must protect the wider population, because irresponsible people are out there all the time.

C: I would say that is an hard decision , if I am thinking me at home every day all day I am start to panic, and in the same time if I am staying at home without income is gonna be a really hard time for myself. Different situation is if the government can give to us the 80% of the salary ad we can stay at home or at list the people they can choose. I think that the best way is say who want stay at home and who no and leave at home with the 80% that person and the other one they can run the shop ( can be an option) I don’t know if in our case we can do this but i think can be an option
A: Thanks for that perspective, we still don’t have clarity about that. We might use the furlough to support vulnerable members of staff. But we will do as much as we can to not impact on the government limited resources.

C: It might not be profitable for you to keep open if there is not enough people ordering while in lockdown
A: So far, so good. We have reduced our income in the last weeks, but still surviving. We are not making a profit, but neither a loss. Should we lose, we’d close, to protect both the business and the staff income.

C: Go for it. I wish you all the best to survive this and continue afterwards. Your values are good and should be supported.
A: Thank you! Love it!

C: There is not right or wrong decision. Whatever you decide, I will support you. We need to be together in this 🙂
A: Thank you so much!!

C: We ordered delivery on Sunday as a treat and it was great. We are all still heathy but I was thinking if we became ill it would be really great to be able to order food from you. With payment when you order and no cash needling to be exchanged it would be possible to develop a policy where the pizza is left outside the door so the risk to delivery staff is limited. It seems you could provide an important service. All that said, if your staff feels unsafe, this needs also to be a priority. I realise this might not help much as it reiterates your dilemma. Perhaps the development of a leave it outside protocol and tell people when they order so they know what to expect, this might be helpful? Best of luck.
A: Thanks for your orders! All you have said, we are doing! Keep suggesting so that we can improve!

C: We need to be rational here… everything in moderation. People need food, but we need to be smart about preparing it, having people in to pick it up, the exchange of notes/coins/cards. Smart business should be done at this time. It keeps people employed, keeps people fed etc, but there must be strict adherence to government guidelines etc.
A: We sure are adhering. Difficult to adapt, but we are doing it swiftly!

C: I live right round the corner and would like to take a night off a week from cooking and have some lovely pizza. Your pizza is always so much better than anywhere else. Please don’t shut. I appreciate you
A: Thank you for your comment! We put great effort into our products and it’s amazing when this is recognized!

C: Please close at least for the next month. This will be when we will know if we are going to beat the curve. The risk is too great for both the customer but also your staff. Or limit the delivery area??? But please take care.
A: Thanks for your care and affection. I understand your worries. We are doing all we are told to prevent the risk. Yes, we have limited the delivery area and will review it in time.

C: I think being open for takeaways is acceptable to support people who cant cook or cant go out and need deliveries
A: Thanks!

C: Everyone should stay indoors and only go out if they really have to. Everyday people stay in helps.
A: Correct

C: Appreciate the survey. I hope that my responses help. Ordered from you last Friday and it made a lovely evening!!!
A: Thanks for your orders! And for your answers, they helped a lot

C: I read your email. The best thing for the community is to close down. To prevent community spread. To show others what to do. It will become clearer to you how you can use your passion to help the community in other ways. I’m sorry but I don’t have the answer on what that is. But I am sure with your energy you will know when you know. This is a difficult time for us all.
A: Thank you for your opinion. I understand where is coming from. I am trying to do it already, by supporting the ones that are around us, but also with donations to schools and hospitals. We are going around the schools that are caring for the key worker’s children to bring a smile and a cuddle. We will soon donate to police and fire brigade. And we are supporting the Cemetery Park, that also needs support.

C: If you guys feel you can keep the restaurant open I’d love to still be able to order pizza. It would make me feel that inspite of the lockdown there is some normality. However you all need to think of your safety as well.
A: Thank you!

C: I think you HAVE TO stay open. We buy bread Pizza Room Surrey Quays everyday and pizza often too. It would be extremely sad to see you closing doors.
A: Thank you!

C: Don’t close
A: We won’t!

C: As much as this is a worldwide critical period, the chances to spread this virus without knowing are very high as we know it doesn’t not show the symptoms straight away and by the time symptoms start to show you may have infected other 10 people, so for the time being you should close unless you put an Only delivery option in place.
A: Thanks for that. We are delivering only since Friday!

C: If you have to choose THE most important thing then it’s saving lives. Simple.
A: That’s so true. Is not my place to save lives. I can prevent the spread of the disease, by implementing strict rules for the staff. Pizzas are cooked at 400degrees. I expect customers to wash their hands carefully all times. Please do!!

C: I am able to cook for myself and have time to do it. People who are vulnerable can order ready meals and will soon have government help with meals if needed. I think you should close if you’re able to, even though I like the option to have pizza ordered in if I want!
A: Thanks for your advise

C: Stay open but no business until you figure out how to make and deliver the pizza safely (super high spec)
A: Thanks we will make sure to stick to the high spec!

C: I think there are ways to keep your staff safe and not spread virus whilst remain open, you can cut costs laying off the waiters and keep kitchen
A: Yes, that’s what we are doing. But not laying off the staff, unless we can furlough them.

C: The answer to this is depends on how many vulnerable people can order pizza from you?
A: So far, we have received many orders from people that are self-isolating. And we expect more to come.

C: If you can help the really needy in the community then stay open but if it becomes too much of a threat to you staff then you need to cclose
A: We can!! We will!!

the pizza room london new delivery service

We are testing our own delivery system! Please support us by ordering by phone. Ordering directly from us has lots of benefits, including lower cost, our trusted delivery person, and a free drink! Please call the shop on 0208 981 7566 and be as patient as you can, we are still learning every day!