The Rooms are proud to align to the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development. We aim to make relevant contributions in our local communities that are worthy of the challenges and opportunities of our generation and for future generations.

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In July 2021, The Pizza Room launched the Awareness campaign on Pineapple discrimination as part of our anti-bullying, equality and diversity policies. We are not afraid to support pineapple on pizza as we want to celebrate what makes someone unique. What makes Tomato better than Pineapple? Who gets to decide what is acceptable or not on a pizza? We all live in a free world where we should not be judged about what we eat, drink, dress or like. Those who cannot respect other people tastes, cultures or preferences, are discriminating against them. Those who insult and establishment because they put pineapple on their menu, are bullying them. Those who define authenticity by the presence of pineapple in their menu, are bigoted, close-minded and dangerous.
Change starts with us: we are Italian, we are authentic, and we embrace pineapple in our family, as we embrace all races, genders and religions. We are all HUMANS.

L’estiva: the anti-pizza

A delightful summer pizza that combines high-quality ham, juicy pineapple, fresh mozzarella Fiordilatte and creamy goat cheese. Garnished with a luscious drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Leave all the prejudice behind and let this new journey begin